воскресенье, 21 ноября 2010 г.


Ok!Here is Short post of my Stickers from September,till November.Enjoy!

El Monkey

This was my first Sticker in School,which wasn't stolen(Phew!).
Don't know what to say about it...No,I know.I love this Sticker!

The Choosen One in F**KING Rayban!

Teehee!Don't ask,I will not answer!HELL YEAH!THIS IS ME!:DDD


I made this one Just for LULZ.Well...I am doing all stickers just for LULZ XDDD
Anyway this is most popular sticker from my Classmates point.But I think This is Boring thing!
Sorrow(3D Sticker)

This is my best sticker.Can be found in Old Town in Tallinn.What is Awesome in it,U may ask?It IS 3D STICKER!I made it with using of my lamination film...Layer by layer I add acrylic,and Tadaaaaaaa!I got Perfect Sticker,Don't I? :D
Of course This is not all stickers I made.But I hadn't shoot them,and they was destroyed.Sad.Anyway Please Subscribe,and SHARE in Facebook,Twitter,and etc.
I don't want to be ALONE!And THANKS :D

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