воскресенье, 28 ноября 2010 г.

2 more Stickers

Well,on this week I made 2 stickers:One was Just for LULZ,and one was Commissione one :D
I Love them a lot,So here are they LMAO!

Grand Siren Viking Monkey!

After I made All things,I decided that this sticker is Boring,so I decided to add some dots:

Golden Buddha Monkey

That was done for my friend,by His Request.Looks Cool For me LOL!
As Always,Please share and ETC XD

Light Graffiti

Well...Yesterday I had found my old Canon PowerShot G1.I know,this is lame thing,cause it is very old,But It still can do something LOL
So I meet with my old Friend Pablo,and had Fun with G1 and 2 LEDs :D

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воскресенье, 21 ноября 2010 г.

2 sketches

3 hour in Academy,Just 2 Sketches I want to show...


Ok.All Begun from this silly doodle.It was 5 days ago-Boring math lesson.It was Such boring,that I decided to draw.I loved how My Version of Batman looks like,So I decided to create Artist Card:

I used Super Small paper pieces to create some kind of fire effect.After that I laminated it,as all cards I am creating.FOR SELL,If Interested,post COMMENT here ^^

Few days Later I made this Card.Don't know what to say about it...This is Bat-Trio Maybe...Anyway It is FOR SALE TOO.Comment If interested!


Ok!Here is Short post of my Stickers from September,till November.Enjoy!

El Monkey

This was my first Sticker in School,which wasn't stolen(Phew!).
Don't know what to say about it...No,I know.I love this Sticker!

The Choosen One in F**KING Rayban!

Teehee!Don't ask,I will not answer!HELL YEAH!THIS IS ME!:DDD


I made this one Just for LULZ.Well...I am doing all stickers just for LULZ XDDD
Anyway this is most popular sticker from my Classmates point.But I think This is Boring thing!
Sorrow(3D Sticker)

This is my best sticker.Can be found in Old Town in Tallinn.What is Awesome in it,U may ask?It IS 3D STICKER!I made it with using of my lamination film...Layer by layer I add acrylic,and Tadaaaaaaa!I got Perfect Sticker,Don't I? :D
Of course This is not all stickers I made.But I hadn't shoot them,and they was destroyed.Sad.Anyway Please Subscribe,and SHARE in Facebook,Twitter,and etc.
I don't want to be ALONE!And THANKS :D

понедельник, 15 ноября 2010 г.

Cleo-New Sketchcard!

Here is my brand new sketchcard called Cleo.I was thinking to create Cleopatra,But made Kinda...Interesting version of her.At First time I got such good colors.Was done with ProMarkers and ink...and lil bit of imagination LOL.So this it is!Please Share and Retweet!Thanks and Cheers!

Viking from Warriors Series

This is my lastest paiting.Here U can see Viking-Allmighty North warrior.Done on 18x24 cm canvas,with using of acrylic colors and ink.There will be 2 more pics from Warrior set.So Hang on,and share as much ass possible Please!
Thanks and Cheers!

пятница, 12 ноября 2010 г.

General CMYK

This is kinda old(month ago or more) work.Done on simple paper,with using of my new Promarkers,donated by my Friend.Also I used ink,cause I don't wanted to use marker-his price is 5$!!!This is huge money HERE!:D
Anyway Enjoy,And try to share it all as much,as possible,retweet in twitter,share on facebook and etc.


Ok...After doing my homework for Academy,I decided to do Funny Sticker for my awesome Friend Rulo
So Here It is:download Rulo_Sticker.pdf
Download it and print on Stick Paper.Let World know about Rulo!

вторник, 9 ноября 2010 г.


Hello!My name is Igor Filjushin.I am 18 years old artist from Estonia.
Art is my life.I am drawing every day doodles for 3-5 hours,just to become one of the greatest Artist in the world.In this Blog,I want U all to follow my way from beginning,till the End...with me.
Let's Begin!:D