пятница, 25 февраля 2011 г.

Dragon Warrior

Here is one of my favorite thing I have ever made-Dragon Warrior.
It is done on 24x30 cm canwas with using of acryliq and promarkers.
Availible for sale here!
Hurry,Someone could be faster than you!

My Business card prototype

Random Shhhhh...

Ceramic Sloth

Maybe Someone want to buy him?XDD

Dead Amigo

That was paid commission.AMIGO IN DA HOUSE!


Here is my new stickers.I know,not a lot of them,but they are still awesome XDDD


Here is some sketches I choose as my fav one from the time I missed my Update blog.
Here is also request from my friend Ferran(Check his webcomic called kimecan http://kimecan.com/Comic_Eng/).He asked me to draw skeletons...Here are they man!\m/